Firstly, SuperSprings is not a replacement suspension. SuperSprings is a suspension helper blade. Is works in conjunction with the existing spring pack. Its aim is to protect and support the original leaf-springs pack whilst giving the vehicle additional strength and stability to improve carrying capacity, clearance, stability, safety and comfort of the vehicle whether loaded or not.
    Yes, we have a 7 day money back Guarantee. And a two (2) year non-commercial warranty and a one (1) year commercial warranty (RSA). See above under Tech Support for full warranty details.
    SuperSprings are manufactured under licence by Eagle Springs in Johannesburg. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Motor vehicle springs, and have been manufacturing SuperSprings for the last 12 years. SuperSprings are manufactured from quality ISO spring steel and adhere to motor vehicle spring specifications. Our product is further Shot Peened to ensure additional strength and durability.
    It most definitely will. SuperSprings raises the existing spring pack away from the thick overload blade at the bottom of the pack, therefore you have more travel before you bottom out. You will also notice, that lean and drift is reduced during cornering, improving steering control and vehicle stability.
    Installation is extremely easy and will take approximately 20 minutes. For installation instructions contact us at info@supersprings.co.za or see fitting instructions above under Tech Support.
    No it will not. We are official suppliers to Toyota S.A. , and we supply all the different vehicle brands through many of the Motor Dealers, especially in Gauteng. SuperSprings is symmetrical about its mid point therefore there should be very little or no tendency for it to rub on the rear axle casing. To date after 12 years in the business we have never had one case of a manufacturer refusing to cover a guarantee because of SuperSprings being fitted. In fact Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly recommending SuperSprings to customers who have a problem with their Suspension.
    SuperSprings are fitted to the rear suspension of all vehicles with leaf spring suspension systems. Even the older vehicles like Ford Contina bakkies, Ford Fairlanes, Rancheros and Valiants can be fitted.

    On average the rear of the vehicle will be lifted by 50mm at the wheel arch. However, SuperSprings are adjustable.
    SuperSprings has been tested and approved by the AAA in California to be used on their S.U.V.’s, and pick-ups and vans. Over 100,000 vehicles have been fitted worldwide and many of our customers are repeat purchases.
    SuperSprings has been tested and approved by the AAA in California to be used on their S.U.V.’s, and pick-ups and vans. Over 100,000 vehicles have been fitted worldwide and many of our customers are repeat purchases.
    No. SuperSprings lifts the main spring blades away from the overloaded blade and this results in more travel before you ‘Bottom-out’ and because it works on an ‘as needed’ basis you will only feel it under extreme conditions like cornering and under load conditions. You will have a much more positive driving experience.
    SuperSprings will improve your road holding, it will decrease the lean and drift through corners and it will eliminate fishtailing/tail-wag.

    The addition of any leaf spring will increase the carrying capacity. However SuperSprings are designed to increase the levelling capacity of your vehicle and as a safety feature only. Never load the vehicle beyond the maximum gross weight rating as per Manufacturers Specifications. We do however have varying thickness depending on the customer’s requirements.

    Our success is reflected in the fact that we have fitted over 100,000 vehicles worldwide including, after extensive testing of a number of products, 2000 Ford and Chrysler SUV’s for the Border Patrol police on the Mexican border. Our competition are continually re-designing their products and marketing strategy to align themselves with us, now that is a compliment. We have come to dominate the markets in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa to such an extent with our superior product that competitors have been forced to redesign their products so that they even look more like SuperSprings. However, the strength and success of our product lies in the patented shackle rollers, which our competitors cannot duplicate without infringing on our patent.

    As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load the factory springs react as they are designed too. The centre of the springs move vertically causing the overall leaves to flex and “flatten” out. This movement in the factory spring activates the SuperSprings through the rollers at the end of each leaf. Because the SuperSprings rollers are under tension, a movement in the factory spring causes them to move, seeking their new point of least resistance. This simple roller principal allows the SuperSprings to activate and deactivate automatically, free of any manual adjust ment ensuring you have a more comfortable ride.


    SuperSprings is designed in such a way that when the vehicle is empty only the thinner ends are at work, maintaining the comfort of the original design. As the load increases and the blades begin to flatten out, the working load of the load stabilizing springs is spread towards the middle – the widest part – of the blade. Giving the vehicles’ suspension system ‘progressive springing’.

    Beware of any product that does not move with your suspension, this causes resistance which creates friction resulting in a harder ride and a higher risk of breakage. Further, SuperSprings backs all claims by offering a Solid Warranty. We have to be the best if our competitors are copying us. Any product that does not extend across the entire spring pack is inferior to SuperSprings as the entire spring pack is not protected.

    If your spring pack is already old, soft and saggy it is advisable to have them repaired before installing the Load Stabiliser Springs. As SuperSprings will help for a while the added strain on the SuperSprings blades will lead to eventual metal fatigue. It is important to remember that SuperSprings is a helper suspension blade and not a replacement suspension kit. Our aim is to protect the suspension while giving you lift and stability and improve your carrying capacity safely.
    It is also recommended that tyre pressure be increased by 14KPA above normal for each 45KG total overload on the axle.

    When a trailer or caravan is hooked to the back of a vehicle the immediate effect is to add extra weight to the vehicle at the most extreme position, the tow-bar. The result is the centre of gravity shifts way beyond the back axle resulting in weight being transferred away from the front wheels and thereby lifting the front suspension. This shifting of the weight to the rear gives you less steering control (the rear end tends to sway) making the vehicle harder to control. SuperSprings counteracts this dangerous tendency because as the load demand increases at the rear, weight is distributed gradually from the narrow to the wider part of the tapered blade (SuperSprings) keeping your vehicle level and at the same time maintaining the right amount of pressure on the front wheels to ensure greater steering control. Providing a true progressive suspension.


    Nationwide at selected:

    1. Kwik-Fit Fitment centres
    2. Fastfit Fitment centres
    3. Toyota Dealers
    4. Kia Dealers
    5. Hyundai Dealers
    6. Koenic Fitment centres
    7. Hi-Q Centres
    8. Supa Quick Centres

    SuperSprings is a South African invention, designed and patented in South Africa, we hold patents in 12 countries worldwide. We sold the American Patents in 1999. While the core components of the product are the same. They have made modifications to meet American conditions.
    Ask to see the product before they install your SuperSprings. If it does not extend across your entire spring pack and does not say SuperSprings, it is not SuperSprings. While it is a compliment to us that we have people attempting to ride on the back of our success, the duped consumer is angry. Be informed, be aware.
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