How it works

SuperSprings are progressive by nature, in that they work on an as-needed basis. Once installed, the SuperSprings are under nominal tension, even when the vehicle is not loaded. This is for two reasons:

1. To prevent the installed SuperSpring from rattling or making noise.
2. In order for the patented rollers to activate automatically.

As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load it’s existing springs react as they are designed to; the centre of the springs moves vertically, causing the overall leaves to flex and ‘flatten out’. When a SuperSpring is installed, this movement activates the SuperSpring through the patented rollers at the end of each leaf. The SuperSpring’s patented roller system allows the Spring to activate and deactivate automatically, without requiring any manual adjustment.

SuperSprings are length-specific, in order to fit existing leaf springs of varying sizes.
On top of this, the different lengths are typically manufactured in light, medium and
heavy-duty strengths. The manner in which SuperSprings are fitted ensures the least amount of preload tension possible, keeping the vehicle as close as possible to its original factory ride conditions.

SuperSprings enhance your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity, handling and towing. We do not advise that you load any vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating. Do not load your beyond the vehicle manufacturer’s original specifications.

For additional information view the videos below, or Installation Instructions, or contact us.


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